Lovetopost Privacy Policy

Important- Please Read

Your privacy is extremely important to us so we want you to know exactly what kind of information we collect about you and how we use it.

We've set out all the details below.

Please take the time to read and understand this policy. And bear in mind that by using our websites and mobile apps, or contacting us by telephone or providing information to us in our stores or by way of social media, you agree to its terms.

To help you, we've included some links to other websites. It's worth remembering though that other people, not us, control these websites. We're not responsible for them.

Who we are

This privacy policy together with our terms of use sets out how the Royal Mail Group Limited ("we", "our", "us") will use any personal data we collect from you, or you provide to us during your use of the lovetopost app (the “app”).

We are a ‘data controller' for your personal data (meaning we control why and how it is used). We're registered with the Information Commissioner's Office for the purpose of the Data Protection Act 1998 (the Act). You can find our registration at under registration number Z5374624.

What information do we collect and when?

We only collect information that we know we will need in order to provide the app.

However, you may choose to give us other information. You can do that in the following ways:

(Important: If you submit details to us of any other person please make sure you have their permission first.)

  • By filling in forms, for example when you sign up to our services.
  • By sending us emails and text messages (SMS or MMS).
  • By purchasing products via the app;
  • By interacting with us on social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter.
  • Full details of the purchases you make through the app. These include the time, date and location of purchase; the products you buy from us; any relevant delivery address; or other alternative means of payment you may use. We will not hold card or account details (either user inputted or through the card scanner) and the app will not pre-populate user name, password or card details.
  • Information on what you view, click on and access through the app or by way of our marketing emails and text messages (SMS or MMS). We may collect the time and geographic location of your device when you do so. We also track how often you visit and use the app. We do this via email and cookies and similar tracking technology built into the app. We make cookie policies available on each of our websites to give you more detailed information on how we use them. The cookies relevant to the app is set out here
  • Technical information about the devices you use to access the app. We save each device's unique identifying codes (MAC address or IMEI number), device model, device name, relevant IP address, operating system and version, web browser and version, and geographic location.
  • Your social media content where this is in the public domain, and any messages you send direct to us via social media. This information can include posts and comments, pictures and video footage on sites such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. You should always review the terms and conditions and privacy policies of the social media that you use to make sure you understand what kind of information relating to you may be out there in the public domain and how you can stop or limit it from happening.

How do we use your information?

We use the information we collect for the following reasons:

  • To provide the app, which requires a certain amount of technical information to work properly.
  • To enable us to keep the app secure so you can safely access the app. This also lets us do things such as recognise your username and password, as well as reset them if you happen to forget what they are.
  • To get feedback from you about the app and our other products, websites, and services and activities. For example, occasionally we may invite you to review a product or service you've bought or used from us. If we do, it's possible that we'll use independent research and feedback providers to act on our behalf.
  • To contact you from time to time regarding service level emails and updates to the app.
  • To reply to any questions, suggestions, issues or complaints you have contacted us about.
  • To validate your account via Facebook when you first download the app and validate your profile and to respond to any social media posts or other public comments you might make, whether they are directly to us or about us, our products, websites, mobile apps, services or other activities. This is only relevant if you use your Facebook profile to register for the App
  • To tell you about any changes to the app. For example, if we withdraw it for some reason, or change this privacy policy.
  • To make a contract with you.
  • To market to you and allow third parties to market to you, where we have your consent to do so.
  • To gather statistics about how you and other people use the app and what you think of our advertisements, special offers, news, products and product information, competitions, sponsored events, social media and other content and services. We then analyse all this data to see if what we do is interesting to people and meets their needs, or if they should be improved, and if so, what changes would be most beneficial both for our customers and for us.
  • To monitor how people use the app to see if they are being abused or threatened, for example, by internet trolls posting inappropriate comments in review areas or by would-be hackers looking to undermine our security. In particular we will use your data to trace images which have been complained about and suspend the accounts of senders who repeatedly send inappropriate images.
  • To protect you from any other potentially criminal behaviour, including identity theft, and fraud.
  • To enable us (and our third-party service providers) to plan and manage our day-to-day business as effectively as possible.
  • To help us conduct focused market research based on trends and common factors, so we can further improve the products and services we offer to all our customers.
  • To test new systems and processes as we roll them out (but generally only in anonymous form) to make sure they work correctly and meet the exceptionally high standards we set for ourselves.
  • To assist us in the development of new products and services over a period of time. For example, we may need to gauge whether a new product is likely to appeal to a large proportion of our customer base. And if not, we'll want to know why.

Who do we share your information with?

We can't run our business or provide many of the services and benefits you receive from us without involving other people and organisations from time to time. When we share your information, we want you to know that we only do so in accordance with our legal data protection and privacy obligations.

Your information may be disclosed to:

  • Businesses within the Royal Mail Group Limited but only as necessary for us to provide the app.
  • Other people who help us provide the app and related services to you. They include information technology experts who design and host our websites, and payment services companies (like PayPal) that make it easy for you to use your credit or payment cards with us. Other examples include market research companies, marketing, design and PR organisations and general service companies such as printers, mailing houses and form-scanning service providers.
  • With social media companies such as Facebook and Twitter, to allow for the app to work as it relies on data form such social media sites in order to function;
  • Any new business partner we may have over time, for example, in the event of a joint venture, reorganisation, business merger or sale that affects us.
  • Our professional advisors including our lawyers and technology consultants when they need it to give us their professional advice.
  • The Police, local authorities, Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC), the courts and any other government authority if they ask us to do so (but only if us doing so is lawful). We may also share the information we collect where we are legally obliged to do so, e.g. to comply with a court order.

Important Information regarding social media, mobile app platforms, PayPal etc

Other people, not us, control these platforms. We're not responsible for this kind of sharing. So before you make any remarks or observations about anything online, or download the app, you should review the terms and conditions and privacy policies of the social media platforms you use. That way, you'll understand how they will use your information, what information relating to you they will place in the public domain, and how you can stop them from doing so if you're unhappy about it.

Social Media

Any information derived from social media sites required to validate the app account (e.g. Facebook contact information and addresses, for instance) will be shared under the terms of the relevant social media platform (e.g. Facebook or Twitter) and could be made public.


With regards to PayPal credits for the app, these will be paid via the PayPal website. We will not hold or store any user card details and you should contact PayPal if you have any queries regarding payment. An email will be sent to the PayPal account holder when credits are purchased. PayPal currently have their own dispute resolution process. If you have any queries regarding payment made via PayPal please contact them directly at

Mobile app platforms

Our mobile apps run on third party software platforms, for example, Apple's iOS platform which powers Apple's iPhone and tablets, and Google's Android platform which powers Android-based smart phones and tablets.

If you use any of our mobile apps, your usage of those apps is also subject to the relevant mobile app platform provider's terms and conditions and privacy policy. You should review their terms and conditions and privacy policy to ensure you understand what information (if any) they will gather on you, how they will use that information, and what you may be able to do if you are unhappy about it.

Security of your information

A lot of the information we receive reaches us electronically, originating from your device and transmitted by your network provider.Where it's within our control, we put measures in place to ensure this data is kept secure. If you have any concerns about the security of your own personal computers and mobile devices, we suggest you read the advice of Get Safe Online, which can be accessed at

How long do we keep your information?

We will retain your information for as long as we need it, or as is permitted by law. In most cases, this means we will keep your information for as long as you continue to use the app. We may need to retain some app data to fulfil legal and regulatory requirements even if you delete the app.

Managing your information

To reduce the chances of an error or misunderstanding, we need to keep the information we gather about you accurate and up-to-date.

But whilst we work very hard to make sure mistakes don't happen, we need your help, too.

So if you have an online account with us, please ensure that the information you provide (e.g. any contact information) is correct and that you review it and update it regularly. If you have reason to believe any of the information we collect on you may be inaccurate, and you are unable to put it right yourself through your online accounts with us, please contact us (see below for how to do this).

You are perfectly within your rights to ask us whether we hold information about you and if so, for us to give you certain details about that information and/or the information itself. This right is commonly known as a ‘subject access request'. Certain exemptions and conditions apply to this right, principally that it should be in writing and that you give us reasonable details about the information you want.

We reserve the right to charge you a small administration fee to meet our costs in honouring your legal rights, where permitted by law.

If you have any worries or complaints about the way we use your information, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We'll do our very best to set your mind at rest or put things right.

And don't forget that with modern technology, you have more and more personal control over what information we and other organisations collect. For example, you can normally delete cookies and tracking technologies sent to your web browser. You can also change related settings to restrict them, such as by using a private browsing mode (although this may affect your browsing experience on some websites). Plus, you can use the settings options in your mobile devices to restrict what sort of information websites and mobile apps are able to access and use about you. Online advertising networks, social media platforms and search engines (Google etc.) also provide tools to manage the data they collect about you, and how it is used and shared. We urge you to look out for these functions and tools and use them to manage your privacy in a way that suits you best.

Updates to this privacy policy

We review the ways we use your information regularly. And in doing so, we may change what kind of information we collect, how we store it, who we share it with and how we act on it. Consequently, we will need to change this privacy policy from time to time to keep it accurate and up-to-date.

Whenever we make significant changes this policy, we will tell you. That way, you can check to see if you're still happy. And if, following any changes, you continue to use the app, we will assume that you agree to those changes.

Contact Us

The best way to get in touch is by emailing us on and we will do our best to respond within 48 hours.

We're open Monday to Friday 8am–6pm, Saturday 8am–1pm and Sunday 9am-2pm (excluding Bank holidays).